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Tanzania beckons you, Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's tallest snow capped peak, glistening in all its grandeur and majesty, rising to 5896m welcomes you as arrive at its foot at Kilimajaro International airport. The enchantment of this land with the finest wildlife and birding on the continent has begun. It has unparalleled geography from the vast open grass plains of the Serengeti to the cratered highlands mixed with areas of plains, grasslands, bush and woodland that compose the Ngorongoro Conservation Area declared a Unesco World Heritage site due to its unique diversity of ecosystems and habitats which besides the flora and animals is also inhabited by friendly and culturally rich people of different tribal backgrounds and traditions. From the Makonde, the expert wood carvers and artists of body scarification, to the tall regal, red robedMasai who roam the vast plains looking ever more for all the cattle in the world that was given unto them by 'Engai' (God) you may meet and enjoy a magical experience which will last a life time.